Meet The Team


Jolene Graham – Branch Manager

Helen Payne – Operations Manager

Jolene and Helen’s diverse skills combined together are a recipe for success. They started RecruiTech in 2010 as a team of two and are very proud of the team they have developed and manage.

Jolene has been in the recruitment industry for over 15 years specialising in IT and Freight. Originally from Johannesburg, she has been in Durban since 2003 and lives for the work life balance that Durban is renowned for. Jolene’s management style is very hands-on and she is involved in every aspect of her teams’ recruitment process.

Helen comes from a strong Operations and Financial background and she is the Mom of the Branch! Efficient, detail orientated and methodical, she is the key support of our branch. Her laugh is infectious and you can always count on her to keep things bubbly and fun!

As a team, Jolene and Helen believe that positive thoughts breed successful results. Attitude is everything and there is always a solution! Our office culture, although a pressurised environment, is open, innovative and light hearted with lots of laughter!

Kelly McGee – Senior IT Recruiter

Kelly was RecruiTech’s first employee, starting 10 months after they opened their doors in 2010. She has a Diploma in Human Resources Management and is a Senior IT Consultant with extensive industry knowledge. Kelly has built long lasting relationships with both clients and candidates.

Her strengths are her ability to solve problems and she is extremely thorough. Kelly has a great sense of humour and is the social butterfly of the team! Her children are her cats and she’s a slightly neurotic cat mom!

Karen Joubert – Senior IT Recruiter

Karen has over 10 years’ recruitment experience and joined RecruiTech as a Senior IT Consultant in 2016. Karen has previously worked with Jolene and is excited about returning to the IT market, which she is passionate about. Karen prides herself in her ability to sniff out skilled candidates. She is tenacious and like a dog with a bone when fulfilling her client’s needs.

Karen’s family keeps her grounded and reading, movies, entertaining and laughing with good friends are food for her soul!

Claire Logan – Senior Freight Recruiter

Claire is passionate about many things – recruitment is one of them! She comes with over 7 years’ experience in customer service and sales. Having joined RecruiTech in 2013, Claire discovered her love for helping people find their perfect job within the freight and logistics industry. Claire never gives up until her candidate is placed. Her passion for people and the development of their careers shines brightly.

Claire is also a bird enthusiast and is often referred to as “the crazy bird lady” to which she likes to respond “you say that like it’s a bad thing!” Claire likes to look at the brighter side of life and tends to leave her candidates feeling the same way.

Amber Nielsen – Freight Recruiter

Amber has been at RecruiTech since 2014 and is the baby of the team. She is a natural sales person and has a passion for helping people build their careers. Amber loves the art of matching talent with companies that have a need in the Freight and Logistics Industry.

Amber is an enthusiastic animal rescuer, putting her heart and soul into the well-being of all animals, going as far as bringing a baby duck to the office!

Sharon Erasmus – Office Administrator

Sharon is our admin guru! From typing CV’s, loading ads and much much more, she is a superb support to all our Consultants!

Sharon is a soft spoken, honest and down to earth person who believes in success through hard work and dedication. Her work life gives her a sense of achievement which she believes is very important for her wellbeing.

Sharon enjoys participating in family get-togethers and her favourite pastime is to watch movies, spend time outdoors and cooking.

Jess Jenkinson – Social Media Administrator

Jess has a bachelor’s degree in Media and Writing and an honours degree in Visual Communication Studies. She is highly organised, dedicated, analytical and creative.

Jess loves IT and was elected into her residence’s house committee as the IT representative during her second year of studies at UCT. She has a passion for communication through media particularly in the digiscape. She has an inquisitive mind and is constantly asking questions and reading up on new things.

Jess is dedicated and focused to set and achieve digital marketing strategies and goals of RecruiTech. She enjoys spending time with her two Jack Russell crosses, Peanut and Butters.