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This candidate has a Computer Science Diploma, a Management Diploma in Information Systems as well a Management Development Certificate from the University of Stellenbosch. He started out as a developer. More recently, he has led many teams of developers, being involved in project management and architecture as well as budget management.

He is very technical and is still hands on. He is an enthusiastic, self-motivated and hardworking individual who possess a high level of integrity. He has the commitment and drive to produce excellent results making work less stressful not only for himself but for his colleagues as well. He comes highly recommended.

Salary: R78 000
Ref: ITCPT0501


This BEE candidate obtained a BSc in Computer Science at UCT and is currently working as a SharePoint Developer. He has almost 10 years’ experience using C#.Net, JS, jQuery, CAML query, VS, CSS HTML, ASP.Net.

He is extremely intelligent, a quick learner and enjoys solving problems efficiently. He can work independently as well as in a team. He has a keen thirst for knowledge; he is extremely detail orientated, dedicated and hardworking.

Salary: R45 000
Ref: ITCPT0502


This candidate holds an Information Technology National Diploma, a MCTS and is SharePoint Certified. She has been in IT for over 10 years starting out in development and growing into consulting, team leading and software architecture.

She can establish relationships on all levels. She is intelligent, solution orientated and shows initiative. Her goal is to find innovative ways to streamline processes. She is analytical and shows attention to detail. She is loyal and is looking for a company to grow with and would consider roles including SharePoint Consulting, Development, Team Leading or Management.

Salary: R45 000
Ref: ITCPT0503


This candidate holds a Diploma in Graphic Design with over 10 years’ industry exposure. He has recently been retrenched from his current company as a Senior Digital Designer where he is involved in website and email UI and UX design. He also has experience in Front- End Development including technologies such as HTML 5, CSS3, JavaScript, SAAS, MJML and jQuery.

He is well presented and has developed a passion and meticulous love for user interface design and the development of semantic code. He continually pushes his limits to create perfection. He comes highly recommended.

Salary: R45 000
Ref: ITCPT0504


This candidate achieved excellent results in Matric and is This candidate holds a Masters’ in Physics with over 10 years industry exposure. He was recently retrenched from his current company where he worked in the capacity of Data Scientist. His work experience has mainly involved model building (mathematical /statistical /computational) and data analytics. He has built models in finance, business, physics, biology and in numerous other fields. He has extensive computing and coding experience. His background is in computational physics and he can code in several different programming languages. Technologies include: R, SAS, Python, Fortran, MATLAB, SQL among others.

He has extensive analytics and data processing/manipulations experience. He has routinely done analytics/processing/manipulations and model building on large (bigger than 10 GB) data sets.

He is passionate about mathematical problem solving and anything data related. He continually strives to broaden his knowledge and skills set. He is looking for an opportunity where he can bring his vast technical knowledge and exposure to a dynamic team where he can also learn and grow. He comes highly recommended.

Salary: R60 000
Ref: ITCPT0505


This BEE candidate has over 10 years Business Intelligence exposure and holds various IT certifications. He currently works as a Business Intelligence Analyst since 2008. He has worked on multiple projects where he was involved in solution architecture, development and Implementation thereof. He is familiar with Kimball and Inmon Methodologies, QlikView, Tableau and SQL amongst others.

He is a well-spoken, charismatic, talented, individual who is extremely well presented and well versed in technology across the board. He prides himself on his ability to form long standing friendships and relationships with clients and colleagues alike. He is self-motivated and is never scared to decide in the best interests of his employer. He comes highly recommended.

Salary: R62 000
Ref: ITCPT0506


This BEE candidate holds a BSc in IT with 3 years BI industry exposure. She is currently working as a QlikView Developer and Administrator where she is responsible for managing the entire QlikView operations function daily. Currently she has experience working with QlikView, QlikView Server, Publisher and Enterprise Management Console and NPrinting.

She is a charismatic, enthusiastic BI professional who believes in providing the best service to her clients. Her confidence and knowledge with QlikView enable her to build good relationships. She believes in getting the job done and enjoys problem solving. She comes highly recommended.

Salary: R25 000
Ref: ITCPT0507


This BEE candidate holds an Honours degree in Computer Science. He has over 3 years’ experience in the industry and is currently working as a Data Scientist / QlikView Developer where he is involved in building and maintaining QlikView models, performing analytics as well as technical documentation.

He is passionate about Business Intelligence, Data Analytics and a lover of artificial intelligence modeling. He has sound knowledge and experience in building business intelligent models using different technological tools. He is well presented; with excellent communication skills both written and verbal.

Salary: R25 000
Ref: ITCPT0508



This BEE candidate holds a BSc in Mathematics and Computer Science. He has over 4 years’ experience as a Full Stack Developer. He has been involved in the full development life cycle using .Net, C#, .Net Core, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Angular, Backbone, TypeScript and SQL.

He is a bright and passionate IT professional. He has strong problem-solving skills and enjoys interacting with clients and colleagues. He is looking to join a company where he can add value to the organization.

Salary: R45 000
Ref: ITCPT0509

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