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This candidate has over 12 years’ industry experience. He has worked with highly experienced, competent, dedicated and well-trained individuals, from wide-ranging fields, that have enhanced his development skills in K2.

He is a hardworking and dedicated individual who possesses excellent communication and interpersonal skills. He can work in varied and dynamic environments comprising of teams or individuals, exercising competent and consistent characteristics. He is driven by interacting with various people daily and is challenged by achieving positive and productive outcomes.

Salary: R50 000
Ref: ITG0201


This BEE candidate is currently completing his PhD in Applied Mathematics and completed his MSc Applied Mathematics Cum Laude. He is currently working as a Data Scientist Intern. He has experience using the likes of Sas Base, MATLAB, SPSS, Python, MiKTeX amongst others.

He is incredibly intelligent and technically minded. He would consider roles such as Data Scientist and Data Analyst.

Salary: R20 000
Ref: ITG0202


This BEE candidate completed her BSc in Informatics Cum Laude. She is currently working as a Junior Big Data Engineer. She consults to various clients where she creates reports and dashboards using QlikView, Qlik sense, Power BI and SSRS.

She is self-motivated and enjoys solving problems. She is goal driven and always strives to be a better report writer, ETL Developer and analyst. She has strong analysis and communication skills.

Salary: R28 000
Ref: ITG0203


This BEE candidate holds a BSc in IT and is K2 Five certified. He is currently working as a K2 Consultant where he has worked for the last 3 ½ years. He is involved in various K2 projects where he is involved in the analysis, design of technical specifications and the implementation of the database solution using SQL server. He also develops solution components using K2 tools.

He is passionate about solving problems by listening to the real needs of the people with who he can collaborate with. He is focused on getting work done right and is aware that small details can have a big impact. With experience gained from moving between multiple departments in the company, he can adapt quickly, act efficiently, think creatively and work effectively as part of a team or on his own.

Salary: R28 000
Ref: ITG0204


This candidate holds a BTech Honours’ in IT with over 10 years IT industry exposure. He has exposure across all Microsoft and Opensource technologies. He has experience with DevOps, Infrastructure, Development, System Architecture and Design, Business Analysis among other skills. He is well versed in the following technologies: MS SQL, MySQL, C#, API, Linux, ETL, Java among others.

He is passionate about anything technical! He is well presented with excellent communication skills. He is methodical and easily adaptable to any technology. He is looking to join a company where he can grow his skills and add value.

Salary: R45 000
Ref: ITG0205


This candidate holds a Diploma in IT and various IT Certifications. He is currently working as a Solutions Architect where he is involved in new architecture solutions, design, and deployment of environments based on organization specific hardware, governance, risk, and all architecture requirements. He has excellent server knowledge across the board and in-depth knowledge of all Qlik products.

He is well presented with excellent business communication skills. He is passionate about technology and is always studying to keep abreast of the IT industry. He is self-driven, motivated and very competitive.

Salary: R62 000
Ref: ITG0206

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