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This candidate is a highly motivated Logistics professional with more than 17 years’ experience. He is a logical and forward thinker with a calm and resilient way of handling pressure. He can easily direct and manage multi-level workloads through proactive and effective planning and prioritisation. His personal interaction is integral to his work ethic and he consistently excels at forming and maintaining positive rapport with both colleagues and clients alike. As a pragmatic, intuitive team player, he possesses the ability to interpret and build on strengths to achieve optimal team cohesiveness, especially across diverse cultural backgrounds.

He is currently working as the Logistics Manager and has been in this role since Jun 2015. Prior to this he was working as the National Transport Manager and he was in this role for close to 5 years. Prior to this, he was working as the Long-Distance Transport Coordinator for 5 years.

He loves transportation of goods more specifically road freight and trucks. He would love to move into a role that offers him the opportunity to work with something he is very passionate about. He believes that his demonstrated management and organisational skills, coupled with his extensive industry knowledge affords him the opportunity to bring substantial value to any team.

Salary: R50 000 Cost to Company
Ref: FRE1001


The majority of this candidate’s management experience was gained whilst working for an Express company for over 11 years and a Printing company from 2013 to current, together with his studies.

He started his career in March 2000 as a Zone Controller. In the six years, he worked his way up the ranks to Senior Operations Supervisor. In June 2006, he applied and was successful with his application for the post of Operations Manager in Cape Town.
With this promotion he was exposed to the financial, administrative and sales aspects of the business.

Over the years, he has acquired sound managements skills in terms of planning, organising, leading and controlling. He ran an operation with 109 staff members ranging from general workers, drivers, controllers, supervisors and admin staff.

2011 was a challenging year for him, this was when he left the company he was working for from 2000 and was also going into partnership to open a new transport venture, sadly a year later in June 2012 him and his partner decided to go separate ways, due to conflict of interest. However, he believes he has learnt a lot from the experience and it certainly made him a wiser person.

In 2013, he applied for the position of Distribution / Despatch Manager and was successfully appointed in June 2013. This opportunity has exposed him to the printing industry and has allowed him the opportunity to use his transport knowledge to add value to the business.

He is confident that he has the relevant experience and capabilities to fulfil the duties required.

Salary: R48 000 Cost to Company
Ref: FRE1002


This candidate has extensive experience in management within operations, freight and logistics. He started in Exports and Imports controlling and was then promoted to Distribution Manager (Local and Exports). He then worked as the Warehouse and Distribution Manager for a year and was promoted to the role of DC Manager. There after he joined another company and he was with them for 5 years where he started as the Transport Supervisor, he then became the Warehouse Supervisor then moved up to Logistics Manager. His last role with them was Transport Manager.

He went on to start his own company; it was successfully run for 2 years and he then decided to go back to the market after the market got flooded with everyone doing the same thing. He then worked as the Facility Manager for 2 years and then joined a Logistics company as the Transport Manager and within a year he was promoted to Site Manager. He was with them from May 2015 up until they withdrew from South Africa in Aug 2019.

He is available immediately. He is a very-hands on person and likes to know what is going on at all times. Therefore, he tends to get himself involved all the time to ensure he knows what his employees are doing. He works with his team to understand processes being followed and where costs can be reduced or where there might be a need to improve on something.

He has a wealth of knowledge and would love to join a team where he can make a difference and improve and possibly better the company.

Salary: R55 000 Cost to Company
Ref: FRE1003


This candidate is an outgoing, vibrant and confident individual. She has heaps of knowledge in Domestic and International Courier and Road freight. She has worked for leading Logistics companies and has excelled in each position. In her last position she was the Business Development Manager and she was in this role from May 2017 – Apr 2019. Prior to this she was at an Express company as a Strategic Key Account Management and New Business Sales positions and prior to that she was the Sales Manager for a Courier company.

She enjoys positions which incorporates her mentoring and motivating abilities; however, she has a passion for sales and therefore wants to find a position that will allow her to develop new business and show her negotiating skills. She is commission driven and believes that hard work reaps rewards. With extensive National Sales experience gained over a period of 16 years, she has achieved numerous top sales performance awards as well as excellent marks in regulatory examinations.

Her professional presentation, networking and strong negotiation skills enables her to maximise sales with existing clients and grow customer bases with her key focus on continuously growing her database of clients. She has a National Certificate in Wealth Management as well as doing extensive training in Sales & Marketing Management. With her extreme customer focus, persuasive and bubbly personality and her passion for new business, she would be an asset to any team.

Salary: R15 000 plus Petrol plus Commission
Ref: FRE1004


This candidate regards herself as computer literate and a well-motivated individual. Her communication skills, willingness to learn and ability to work under pressure, can only serve to enhance her chance of success in all her endeavors. She has had various positions and 5 years sales experience in Clearing and Forwarding New Business sales. She would love to get back into sales. She is currently working on a maternity contract as the Air freight Controller. Prior to this she was working as the Cost & Procurement Manager and Business Development Executive.

She has always enjoyed working with people, being on the road doing new business Sales and Business Development and she feels positive that her work experiences will enable her to work as part of a team and be an effective representative for the company. She can adapt to any environment and would like to use her skills to contribute positively to any work situation. She is a quick learner and is always amenable to suggestions.

She has a high level of self-motivation and determination with a natural curiosity and desire to find out more about the industry. She is an organized, systematic and logical individual who has the ability to multi-task, manage time efficiently and meet deadlines as well as being confident, persuasive, assertive and paying special attention to detail. She has the ability to work independently as well as in a team.

Salary Expectation: R30 000 plus Petrol plus Commission
Ref: FRE1005


This candidate has more than 10 years industry experience. She has been in sales for most of her career. She currently works at a Courier company as the Sales Executive and she has been there since Jun 2015. She is responsible for New Business Sales, cold calling, lead generations, negotiations, management of the accounts and retention business from these clients brought onboard.

She has a good sense of humor; she is very friendly and has a smile on her face most of the day. She is a patient person always willing to assist others and willing to go the extra mile. She likes to solve issues immediately attending to any client queries or problems as and when they arise. She is a loyal, honest and respectful employee.

She works well with others and on her own, but she is a strong believer in having a good support structure in her team especially from management. She wants to join a company where she can grow within the company and become the best she can be in sales, thriving to eventually become a Key Account Manager.

Salary: R39 000 plus Petrol plus Cell plus Commission
Ref: FRE1006


This candidate is a superb businessman with oodles of knowledge in the industry. He has the ability to turn businesses around. He started in the industry and spent 10 years at this company. He fulfilled the roles of Branch Manager, Sales Manager, National Sales Manager and Business Manager. Although the company started off 10 years ago as courier specialists, the logical next step was developing break bulk and dedicated loads, so they were moving break bulk for 5 years. He then specialised in Break Bulk for 1 year when an opportunity came up to do consulting work in a freelancing manner. He currently consults on site doing Transport.

He has always wanted an opportunity to work for a big organisation where he can use his technologically minded attributes as well as his phenomenal selling styles and mentoring abilities to take the establishment from strength to strength. He thrives on preparing and executing business, sales and marketing strategies for an entire company. He is a go getter and is always motivated to succeed. He has a “no room for error” approach and this, coupled with his sheer dedication to the industry, would make him an asset to any team.

Salary Expectation: R60 000 – R70 000
Ref: FRE1007


This candidate is a hard-working focused individual who is driven by success. She is a team player and loves helping others where she can. She goes the extra mile for her company and sees herself as a people’s person who gets along with all walks of life. She is a creative thinker and an excellent problem solver.

She has been in the industry since 2008 where she started as a Customs Clerk and then moved on to joining her current company in 2014. Her first position with this company was a Services Agent for a year, she then moved into the accounts department as a Debtors Clerk but realised after being in accounts that she loves sales more. She has been in the Account Executive position since May 2017.

She is looking for a company that can offer her professional and financial growth.

Salary: R15 700 plus Petrol plus Cell plus Commission
Ref: FRE1008


This candidate is a well presented and well-spoken lady with many years’ experience in the Courier industry. She is a bubbly person and views herself as a go-getter who loves challenges and aims very high.

She is currently working in the capacity of a Senior New Business Sales Executive since 2017. She would love to continue the industry in a sales capacity where she can bring on new business, grow accounts and write her own pay cheque.

Salary: R26 600 plus Petrol plus Cell plus Commission
Ref: FRE1009


This candidate has many years’ experience in the Logistics industry. He started his career when he joined the Courier industry as an Admin Clerk and worked his way up through various roles and his final position was Regional Manager.

He is a loyal employee and left his previous company to pursue his own business but feels he would like to return to a corporate company in a management role as this is what he does best. He is a passionate, determined, goal – driven and dynamic gentleman who continually tries to inspire others to achieve optimal results. He has gained invaluable experience at various levels and believes that he can achieve anything he sets his mind to.

Salary Expectation: R50 000
Ref: FRE1010

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