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This BEE candidate is a meticulous and well-spoken gentleman who has always been recognized for being a hard worker. He is an excellent communicator and his clients enjoy dealing with him as he is always friendly and professional.

He is currently employed as a Sea Export Controller where he is responsible for actioning all the export requirements from opening up to closing the files, both Bulk and Break bulk shipments. He also has experience on the over-border (Road) shipments to neighboring countries (BLNS & SADC). He is currently working on Cargowise and has previously worked on SAP and JDE.

The man is a true gentleman and is looking for growth and to take on more responsibility. He is a fast learner and will be an asset to any team.

Salary: R22 000
Ref: FRE1201


This BEE candidate is a hardworking, dedicated and enthusiastic individual who has a passion for the Logistics industry. She is honest, reliable and willing to go the extra mile to complete all her tasks and meet deadlines. She loves to constantly learn and has good communication skills and works well under pressure. She pays critical attention to detail and accuracy and always ensures that she demonstrates pride, passion and professionalism in her work.

She has worked as an Import Operator as well as a Logistics Controller. She is currently in the position of Logistics and Export Coordinator since 2014, where she deals with a variety of clients handling exports via road and ocean.

She believes that she has a lot more to offer and would love an opportunity to challenge herself and grow in her career. She will be an asset to any team.

Salary: R12 000
Ref: FRE1202


This candidate is a well-spoken gentleman with over 5 years’ experience in a Senior Entry Clerk role and over 10 years’ experience in Logistics as a whole. He started off as a Site Supervisor where he spent 5 years before moving over and worked as a Senior Entry Clerk. He was in this role for 5 years before receiving another opportunity where he was promised growth. He is currently in the capacity of Senior Entry Clerk and Acting Customs Supervisor – He is presently responsible for the SARS compliance with appropriate Legal, Risk and Good Corporate Governance Standards to minimize business risk to an acceptable level and understands the complete customs compliance from A-Z.

He loves his position and is passionate about the industry but is looking to increase his earning potential at a company where he can build his future career with. He will be an asset to any team.

Salary: R25 000
Ref: FRE1203


This candidate has extensive knowledge of sales management, skills development (training), and client relationship management and has “hard core” sales experience. She enjoys teamwork and has a good sales track record.

She believes she will be an asset to any organization, due to her broad knowledge of sales and sales management. She is a strategic thinker who always tries to develop and implement new systems that will increase productivity and service delivery to clients. She has great negotiation and presentation skills. She values the relationships with internal and external clients. She is consistent in her work performance and always achieves her personal and company goals. She is a motivator by nature and will continuously work on new sales techniques that will increase the company’s sales turnover.

She is a creative, yet analytical person, who has great communicative and leadership skills, that would add value to any organization. Her ability to work with internal and external clients, allows her to build good relationships, generate new business and retain existing clients through the sales and client retention team. She is a motivator by nature, and her ability to develop sales skills within the team is one of her strongest attributes.

Salary: R55 000
Ref: FRE1204


This candidate is an ambitious, hands-on and hardworking professional who has over 10 years’ experience in the Shipping industry, mainly working as a Vessel Operator. He is capable of handling vessels and carrying agri-products (maize, wheat, SBM), fertilizers, cement, break-bulk cargo, project cargo, containers, cars and passengers, including vessels calling for bunkers and dry-docking.

He is well educated and has completed the following Diploma’s: Understanding Shipping (2005), Maritime Dangerous Goods (2008) at the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers. He has also completed a SAMTRAC Diploma (2011) at NOSA. He is available immediately and will be an asset to any team.

Salary: R30 000 Negotiable
Ref: FRE1205


This candidate has been in the courier and transport industry her entire working career. She has worked for some of the big players in the capacity of New Business Sales Executive and always thrived in these roles. In between this, she owned her own successful transport company, thus proving her entrepreneurial flair, self-discipline and initiative.

Over the years she has held great relationships with clients and has previously been head hunted by ex-employers as she is known as a top employee. Her strengths lie in new business sales and she thrives on the challenge that comes with the hunt. She would love to work in a stable and uplifting environment where she can take business to new heights and develop in her career.

Salary: R42 000
Ref: FRE1206


This candidate is a well presented, outgoing and jovial gent with a passion for sales! He has had three jobs during his career, his loyalty shines bright. During his 9 years at a Multi-Channels Communications company, he did both new business and retention. Being a very competitive market, new business was an important aspect to increase revenue. He excelled here, but then received a new, fresh and exciting opportunity to join the distribution/courier world. During his 5 years at a Distribution company, he became a top performer. He even won awards. His ratio was 60% New Business and 40% retention. When asked, he would choose new business over retention any day. He loves meeting new people and is always up for a challenge! In 2015, the Distribution company suffered majorly and closed their plant which was taken over by another company. This was his reason for moving to another company. Here, his sole responsibility was to develop new business. Unfortunately, they went through business rescue and retrenchments occurred. Although he was not retrenched, things were very unstable, and he chose to leave.

He is now looking to join a reputable Courier company where he can use his Courier and Airfreight expertise in a new business role. He has been on a couple of interviews but is looking for the right fit at a company where he can stay for many years to come. He prides himself on his ability to build new relationships and speak to people on any level. He would be an asset to any team.

Salary Expectation: R25 000 – R28 000 plus Petrol plus Cell plus Commission
Ref: FRE1207


This BEE candidate is a young, smart, highly motivated, ambitious and well-rounded individual with a flair for interpersonal skills. He is always willing to learn and always looking to better himself. He is very hard-working and has very good people skills from all different walks of life. He also has extensive experience dealing with people of all different nationalities. He was a top achiever at school and knew before he even left school that Logistics was the field he wanted to be in. During his first year in varsity, he was recruited to join a Leader in the Shipping industry and learnt the in’s and out’s of the industry. He excelled here. He was then approached by another Shipping company to come and join their team, he decided to grab the opportunity as it was a chance to learn different aspects of the business. He thoroughly enjoyed his time here. After 2 and a half years he was approached by a Logistics company to come on board as a Commercial Business Development Manager. Here he focused on 80% commercial and 20% operations. Once every quarter he would travel to the Far East. He also did work in Lesotho, Angola, Mozambique and many other African countries. He then received an offer he could not refuse. He joined them as the Operations and Sales Manager. After just over 3 successful years here, he was asked to join a commodities company. Here he develops different trade lanes to the Far East along with developing new business and retaining existing clients. He is now looking to combine all of his unprecedented knowledge and use it at a stable and large corporation where he can climb the ladder of success.

Currently, his company have a huge office in Dubai and Singapore (which are the regional hub offices for these regions) which reports directly to himself as the BDM / Sales Manager for Africa and the Middle East. He also deals with India, China and Taiwan.

His role involves, amongst others, developing trade routes from the Middle and Far East regions for different clients and customers who trade in different commodities and goods both in bulk and containerized goods.

They engage with various local and regional stakeholders (shipping lines, port authorities, local commercial authorities etc.) in order to ensure that their clients reap the full benefits of trading in these regions.

Salary Expectation: R80 000 – R90 000
Ref: FRE1208


This BEE candidate is a highly educated, intelligent young woman. She is driven and extremely proficient. She considers herself an absolute hunter and thrives on the challenge that new business presents. She has fulfilled the roles of Onsite Operator, Operational Implementation Executive, Client Facing Support Supervisor and New Business Sales Executive. She would like to be part of an established company where she can use her natural aptitude for sales to the fullest. She has been responsible for Line Haul from Durban to JHB in her past roles. While working at a Transport company, she was also responsible to implement Line Haul processes with Operations based on the client’s needs.

She has a humble attitude, yet she is very tenacious. Having worked in different sectors within the industry, this has given her insight, knowledge and irreplaceable experience. She hopes to be part of a reputable organisation where she can prove her worth, whilst acquiring new business, retaining large accounts, networking and negotiating. She has her heart set on joining a larger corporation where she can spend many years to come. With her admirable selling styles, her will to succeed and her general bubbly and jovial personality, she would be an asset to any team.

Salary Expectation: R30 000 – R35 000 plus Petrol plus Cell plus Commission
Ref: FRE1209


This candidate has been in the Logistics industry for over 10 years. His goals in life are to constantly educate not only himself, but also those responsible for undertaking the required tasks so they can utilize their knowledge to not only understand their clients’ needs, but to also identify the factors affecting them in the Industry, finding and implementing solutions and to ensure that all parties are fully compliant.

He is a Customs specialist. His prime focus is to ensure full compliance, which requires a re-alignment between departments and the educating of internal staff and clients. He has diverse knowledge of Clearing and Forwarding. He would be an asset to any company.

Salary Expectation: R50 000 – R55 000
Ref: FRE1210


This candidate is an exceptional Clearing and Forwarding professional with more than 15 years’ experience in the freight forwarding industry, occupying roles in operational – and commercial functions, where his skills are continuously developed. He is confident that he is able to fulfill and surpass the expectations set by his leaders.

He thrives on witnessing his team members achieve their personal and career goals and to have a portfolio of clients that choose to continue doing business with his organization and growing their portfolio with him, as a result of solutions and service levels that he has worked hard with his team at achieving.

He possess’ a competitive nature, driven by his strong skillset gained through formal education as well as career generated experience. This motivates him to succeed in the tasks that he is set to complete in aid of adding value to an organization.

His passion for people combined with his desire to be an asset to a winning team, has assisted him in achieving his goals. He is a quality-driven professional, whom believes in uncompromised inputs in aid of expecting only the best results, personally and professionally. His commitment and loyalty to his employer is unquestionable and he will always strive to maintain his track record as a professional and valued colleague.

Salary: R77 000
Ref: FRE1211

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