Client Testimonials


“Kelly, I am really pleased with the calibre of candidate that are coming from RecruiTech which have been far better than previous candidates from other agencies.”
Craig, RewardsCo

“Karen, thank you so much for this. It’s one in the bag for us. We really appreciate all you have been doing for us.”
Thelma, Fedex

“Claire is excellent to work with. She is a true professional, understands what her client’s needs are and delivers on her promises.”
Eric, Globeflight

“As a general rule Kelly has been most helpful and I am honest and tell her when we are going off on the wrong track and we rectify. She has also helped me find those “hard sought after candidates” where we both thought it would be impossible. So far all candidates that we have placed have been great and I hope the relationship continues.”
Jillian, Contour Technology

“Claire is very professional and her passion for her job can be seen in the work that she does. Claire is extremely energetic and a happy person and is a pleasure to deal with on a daily basis. All in all I find it an absolute pleasure dealing with Claire and think that she is a real asset to your company.”
Justin, Skynet

“I would like to extend my appreciation for the amazing work done by Kelly. The endless hours that she has spent working on my requirements and the professionalism which she has portrayed has impressed both myself and the company. I deem myself honoured to work with her and RecruiTech.
Kelly’s positivity at fulfilling my requirements has provided me with the assurance that she will get the job done. I would like to thank Kelly and RecruiTech for all the effort and I look forward to continue dealing with RecruiTech (especially Kelly) very soon.”
Roland, Destiny Wireless

“Thank you so much Amber. Your applications are amazing and their experience very refreshing, the cost to company might be a little challenging for me right now but I totally understand good candidates require the higher end cost to company.” –
Jenny, SWE

“Kelly has been fantastic with finding relevant resources and her feedback.”
Gary, IX Online

“Claire, just a comment, I am VERY happy with the quality of these Courier Controllers you are sending through. You have the spec 100%.” –
Janine, SAE Logistics

“Kelly is a fantastic recruitment agent. She is efficient, follows up speedily and gets the job done without hassles or time-wasting. She has helped me hire several great developers. If you are looking for a solid recruiter, Kelly is certainly the right choice.”
Bhavna, Xcallibre

“Kelly has been highly professional in her engagement with Intermodal. I am especially grateful for the manner in which RecruiTech understands the role being recruited for, aptly matching this to suitable candidates quickly and efficiently. The process of engagement to on-boarding of all RecruiTech candidates has been easy and pain free”
Adam, Grindrod Intermodal

“RecruiTech are one of our preferred suppliers for IT Recruitment. I can always rely on RecruiTech being quick and efficient, delivering good quality candidates.”
Nadine, Ignition Group

“Kelly is a great recruiter with a solid understanding of the IT Industry. If you are looking for someone to find the right person for the job or the right job for you then you can most definitely rely on Kelly. I have dealt with Kelly over a period of 4+ years and worked with candidates placed by her and can vouch for her ability to source staff.” –
Ben, Always Active Technologies