Candidate Testimonials

“Good Morning Caitlin, I hope this email finds you in excellent health. I would just like to extend a huge thank you to you for placing me at my current employer. I cannot remember the last time I was this happy and satisfied with my job. I LOOK FORWARD to work – who can really say that these days?

I find myself at my laptop after hours, sorting queries and HAPPY to be doing so. The team I work with, the system that we use… it’s phenomenal.

I definitely feel God has his hand in this – just a day or 2 before you contacted me, I was considering contacted this company to establish whether they had any positions available. And next minute, I got a call from you telling me there is a position available and you would like to put my C.V forward.

Thank you so much, for not only assisting with me finding somewhere where I feel at “home” in my workplace, but for staying in contact to make sure that I am doing OK and that I am happy.
Wishing you and the Recruitech team a beautiful day further.”


Caitlin, God will bless you abundantly, not only for what you have done for me, but for what you do for others as well.

“Hello Samantha, I would just like to thank you for allowing me to work for one of your clients and I have had a great experience so far. Hopefully things keep getting better, likewise with your endeavours…👍🏾.”

“Just thought I’d let you know I had a very comfortable discussion with the client at my interview. The position is to take some of the workload off one of the Solutions Architects, basically a duplicate of him. They have a lot of work. The work is very much in my wheelhouse, kudos to you on spotting that an knowing your customer. 😉 Thanks for the opportunity.”

“Samantha is an enthusiastic recruiter with ample skills in assisting and opening doors for one. Highly productive and quick to respond to everything. I would definitely recommend Samantha if you’re looking to be happy.”

“Samantha is an amazing recruiter and within a short period of time has found me an amazing job. She has been there from the start with regards to checking up with companies, right up until she found me a position that I was happy with and still continued to check up now and again to see how things are going. All and all she is great at what she does and I highly recommend her to anyone in the IT industry looking for a new opportunity.”

“Hi Sharon, thank you so much for taking the time to email me back, it really says so much about your company and your professionalism. Have a super evening.”
Chantelle xx

“Good Day Caitlin, I would like to thank you once again for your endless effort and support to get me my current job. I was really unhappy where I was and from beginning to the end you were there. You showed me that you weren’t just focused on signing a contract and getting your commission but your constant follow ups ensuring that I am okay and happy with the contract and that I settled in okay, made everything transition smoothly.
I do see myself growing where I am, the environment is more relaxed and filled with support and encouragement, things I was yearning for. I had reservations about going outside corporate but it was just what I needed. I wouldn’t be here and with peace of mind if it wasn’t for you. I hope you continue helping others with the same passion and enthusiasm.” –

“Hi Jolene, I just wanted to touch base with you and thank you TIMES a million for finding this position for me. I absolutely love it at my new company. The people are amazing, the culture is awesome, offices fantastic and I am thoroughly enjoying learning the different aspects of my job description. You’re a super star. I will let you know if I find anyone looking for employment!” –

“Hi Kelly, my first few days have been great! The environment is lovely and I can see myself being happy here. Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for me! None of this would be possible if it wasn’t for you. Take good care and keep in touch!”

“Dear Caitlin, I just want to thank you and your team for your undying spirit of courage, hope and believing in me as a person by completing the tantamount task of getting this job for me.
You guys brought a lasting hope to my career where honestly speaking, there was a time I was just about to give up and you kept me going. I really feel very honoured to be working with you and your team and I am so proud. May God give you more courage to help all the people who are in need of your service. And again, thank you so much. God Bless You”

“I linked up with Karen to discuss a position which she advertised. On thoroughly reviewing my CV, Karen advised me that a more senior and suitable position was available to my skill set. It was a refreshing change to find that my CV was read and understood. From the time that we engaged with the client to the offer being made, the process was quick and efficient. Updates given regularly, efficiency on the highest level and friendly service. I got the position I wanted and did not have to settle for a position that my heart was not in. Karen made this happen – what a great and efficient company to deal with. Karen has exceeded all my expectations and I would recommend her if you are in the market for a new position”
– Kevin

“I happened to find Karen’s profile through a mutual connection on LinkedIn and decided to connect with her to help find me a suitable position in Durban. The entire process took less than a few weeks from that first engagement. From the outset, she was friendly, efficient, and most importantly – very understanding of my job requirements. I am happy to say that in merely 3 weeks through her recruitment agency, I’ve landed a great position with a fantastic company! I would highly recommend her expertise if you are in the job market”

“Yay yay! Kelly, you have literally helped me start in the direction I wanted to go in in my career- I am so grateful. So much excitement! Have a lovely weekend” – Janice

“Wow Karen, I am utterly speechless, really, thank you and all words after will never be enough to show my gratitude and thankfulness for you and your wonderful client for offering me this position. I will get the ball rolling on my side and let you know ASAP about notice period. Thank you so so so soooo much for all you have done. I wish I could thank you in person. Warm Regards” –

“Many thanks Jolene, Again I have to thank you for not only quickly sourcing new opportunities but selecting what seems like bespoke opportunities designed for me rather than randomly sending me on interviews”

“Hey Kelly! Just thought I would give you an update. Senior is very stoked with my progress. Starting actual work soon as I have learned the framework fast. Everything is fantastic here. This position is epic and I am so grateful. Everyone is just awesome as well… So thanks again!!”

“Hi Jolene, Just to let you know I am all settled in. Thank you again for your support and perseverance in finding a great position for me – much appreciated!”

“Hi Jolene, I would just like to thank you for the advice you have given me. I appreciate you taking the time to explain things. I have chosen to follow your advice and have rescinded any other applications I have submitted. Thanks again for your time and consideration. I will be in touch if my situation changes.”

“Karen, my new job is great and I am learning a lot. I was very fortunate to have been placed into a team of highly experienced members with over 14 years of experience in the industry. Within my first month because of the challenge I was already contributing towards the development of the currently running projects. I am just hoping that soon I will be as good as them. Have a great day Karen”

“Dear Amber, This is just a little something to say thank you for all your effort and finding me the perfect employment position. Thank you for always going the extra mile and checking up on me, it was a great pleasure to work with you”

“Amber, Thank you so much for coming back to me in this regard. Please forward my gratitude to your client for the interview. I’ll look forward to hearing from you in the future with any possible roles that suit my profile. Amber, I’d just like to make a point that I honestly appreciate your commitment and your level of professionalism and I will certainly be promoting you and RecruiTech wherever possible. I hope that you have wonderful day.”

“Kelly, I have been so busy that I forgot to update you. I just love it here. Thanks for everything Kelly! I know I got the job because I have skills etc. but if you hadn’t called me I would never be here and I thank you for changing my life.”

“Karen, I cannot begin to describe how grateful I am for all that you have done for me. I really appreciate all of your time and efforts. I look forward to beginning work. Once again, thanks a million for this opportunity.”

“Kelly is just one the best recruitment agents I have ever seen. She reviewed my resume, advised me on multiple occasions during the recruitment process and then helped me make a choice between two offers that we had at the end of the process. The most amazing thing is even after months of employment she takes time to contact and check if I am happy with my job and if it is really what I expected and if it is bringing something into my career. I believe she is the go-to person for any I.T related recruitment.”

“Kelly has been a real joy to work with. Her willingness to go the extra mile when I needed it the most speaks volumes about her commitment to her clients. She advised me on numerous occasions about what to do and each time she was spot on. It was also a nice touch that she checked on me even after I started a new job to see how I was doing and to encourage me. The best consultant by far!”

“Thanks so much Kelly. I really appreciate the trust, time, effort and support you have put into me! I was contacted by other recruitment agencies but haven’t responded as I decided to stick with you!” – Akshay

“I am very honoured to have worked with Kelly, she is simply a cut above the rest. She is a joy to work with and I highly recommend her”

“Kelly is a strategic thinker with a solid understanding of the IT space and requirements within it. She is able to identify specific requirements based on client briefs and in turn is very successful in sourcing the perfect candidate to match.”

“Kelly is a very helpful, patient and goal-oriented person. She is straight forward, focused, and very well connected. In a short space of time, she was able to present me with opportunities that were in line with my skills and specific desires. Thanks Kelly!”

“Easy to talk to, understandable, highly intelligent and efficient. A proper professional at what she does.”

“Kelly is a well-trained business person, well trained in HR. She has very good people skills and finds it hard to disappoint people.”

“Kelly is incredibly good at what she does. She helped me find the right job in an incredibly short space of time. From interviews to negotiating a contract she helped me the whole way.” – Joshua

“Kelly is the best recruiter that I have ever met! She helped me get a job within 2 weeks of my first meeting with her. She provided me with resources that helped gain a greater insight into the area I wanted to go into which in turn made the interview easier as I knew a lot about the job I was applying for. When you work with Kelly you also have her personal number which makes it easy for you to communicate with her and she only puts you forward for roles you are suitable for. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking to get into Technical Marketing.”

“Kelly, I am glad, I am excited as well. Going forward, should there be any need for me to move, I will sure come to you. I am happy with how you have handled all of this, your professionalism and your advice as well. Thank you.”

“Kelly,I just wanted to thank you for all your help in getting me a new job. Even though it has only been three days, I can say that the work is exciting and the people (that I have dealt with so far) are great to work with.”

“Kelly, work is fine at the moment. They are just introducing me to their system about how it works. They are good to me, I am getting used to waking up in the morning every day and I’m never late.
I was lucky to join them, thanks to you. You helped me a lot, you are the best.”

“You’re amazing!!! Has anyone ever told you that!!! Words could not describe what I feel right now….. it’s a dream come true…. Really, thank you!”

“I just wanted to give feedback after I have spent a few days on my new job. Even though I’m still undergoing the training with them, I like it already. The environment is cool and friendly. There is a huge difference from my past. Thank you so much for making this possible.”

“Jolene, I’m settling in my new position. Everything is going on very well. It’s going to be an awesome growth and learning curve. Once again I am grateful for the opportunity.”

“Helen, Thank you SO much :). I am so, so chuffed. Thanks for ALL your help.”

“Thanks for this and thank you for getting me this job. If it wasn’t for you that day telling me why I want to work at this company, I would not be working here, so thank you again.”

“Amber, the interview was very short today and I have decided not to pursue this matter further as the offer I have been waiting for came through earlier this morning. I was completely open with you from the beginning as to my situation and wish to pass on my thanks regarding the interviews you set up for me. Thank you so much for investing your time and expertise into my situation. I really appreciate it and wish that we had “met” sooner as your service has been exemplary.”

“Jolene, thank you for everything you have done with assisting me in finding employment. Words cannot express how truly grateful I am.”

“Kelly, I really appreciate the time and energy you spent on finding a job for me. Words can’t even begin to describe it. Your friendly smile and communication really made me believe that anything is possible. Without you, only God knows what would’ve happened. Keep up the good work….(“,)”

“I’d like to thank RecruiTech for the interview opportunity you gave me yesterday. It really meant a lot – I feel like I’m part of the RecruiTech family. Thanks again, keep up with the great service you provide.”

“Jolene, thank you for trying for me for a development role. I really appreciate the effort and interviews you have arranged for me over the past few weeks. I know it’s your job, but your effort and encouragement need to be acknowledged! I have dealt with a lot of recruiters previously and currently, but none of them have the same dedication to your job and clients. You really stand out from the pack! Well done and thank you. Again and again!”

“Kelly, I didn’t get a chance to thank you for all you have done for me, you really helped so much.
Not only in terms of getting a job but furthering my Career in the direction I need to follow. I can’t thank you enough for making sure I follow this path.”

“I want to thank you for all your hard work and effort you put in helping me find employment. It really was worth the wait and you were very professional about it, keeping in touch at all times and arranging interviews. Your dedication is very much appreciated.”

“Thank you so much for assisting me in finding employment and being so professional in your field of expertise. You truly are a gem!!!!”

“Kelly, I just wanted to thank you for the interview yesterday, it was really enjoyable. Please do tell your team that my interaction with RecruiTech was one of the most professional and friendly experiences that I’ve ever had with a recruitment company! What a great bunch!”

“Jolene, I would also like to thank you once again for all your assistance since meeting with you. Your guidance and advice has been greatly appreciated and my experience with RecruiTech has been nothing but favourable.”

“Kelly, I did not have a chance to officially say a huge, huge THANK YOU for getting me this job. I’m loving it so far. I’ve already been on a course that will certify me to carry out my analysis at the clients. Also the team I work with is a fantastic team, they all are so friendly and helpful… made my welcome here so seamless. So Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. I really appreciate you and all that you have done for me. May God richly and awesomely bless you!”

“Kelly, I just wanna thank u for all you’ve done to help me find another job. You guys were the only agency that ever followed up and kept in contact with me and I will recommend you to all I know!”

“Kelly was fantastic. I found employment within a week of applying. She’s friendly and efficient and I’d certainly recommend RecruiTech to any of my friends.”

“I have not YET got an interview with any company so far, but my first interview with Helen was so professional I have high hopes that I will get something soon enough. She keeps in touch and she makes sure she gets all my update info and do follow ups now and then.”

“After 8 years working abroad in Europe and the US, I returned home to Durban and naturally wanted to find employment with a great company. Kelly from RecruiTech worked with me to understand my aspirations, experience, and skills, and then paired me with an incredible business where my expertise and international experience allowed me to add value from day one.
If you care about professionalism and a service oriented approach, and want to work with a recruiter that can balance your career development with an organisations focus on success, give RecruiTech a call.”

“Thank you so so much Kelly. You don’t know how much it means to me. “Dream lofty dreams and as you dream so you shall become.”

“Kelly, I want to take the opportunity to say how impressed I’ve been with both your professionalism and your firm’s professionalism. You guys would honestly give a few of the folk I dealt with in London a run for their money. It’s been a pleasure, and when I need to hire staff I’ll be back to chat to you.”

“Kelly is a very helpful, patient and goal-oriented person. She is straight forward, focused, and very well connected. In a short space of time, she was able to present me with opportunities that were in line with my skills and specific desires. Thanks Kelly!”

“Jolene, thank you for the time and effort you took into getting me a new job. I cannot wait to get started there and I owe that all to you. I thank you so much assisting me with the job.” – Vincent

“Jolene, over the past few weeks I have been enlightened with your ability and enthusiasm in getting Jenny into interviews. You have clearly demonstrated that you and your Company are “go getters” and have a clear “call to action” with both your clients and candidates. In terms of the above I forward my CV for your keeping and would dearly like to chat with you.”

“Thanks for your hard work and dedication Jolene, looking forward to placing more candidates from you!”

“Kelly is a well-trained business person, well trained in HR. She has very good people skills and finds it hard to disappoint people.”

“Kelly is easy to talk to, understandable, highly intelligent and efficient. A proper professional at what she does.”

“Jolene, just a small token of my appreciation for all your hard work in placing me. Thank you!”

“Helen, thank you very much for all, from the beginning up to now. I appreciate it so much. Thanks once again for your extensive effort.”

“Helen, thank you so much for doing everything you could to get me this position and thank Jolene for me also. I really appreciate it.”